Green Sesame Paste

Organic Tahini with Spirulina

Unique, tasty and nutritious combination of high grade raw tahini from whole sesame seeds, supplemented with Spirulina. Most of us are already aware that whole-sesame tahini is not only a tasty and pallet-rewarding food, but also a valuable and healthy addition to any meal by enriching meals with protein, nutritional fibers, calcium, iron and good fats. The culinary marriage between raw tahini and Spirulina creates a sophisticated and incredibly tasty food product. The flavor of the Spirulina couples wonderfully with the rich raw tahini taste, contributing tones of green nature, freshness and health. Spirulina, which came to the public’s attention thanks to its varied and dense nutritional composition, is a natural fresh-water algae. It is considered a super-food due to its high and concentrated content of dietary essentials, including but not limited to: proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega 3, and omega 6. It is also a good source of natural chlorophyll, which provides its characteristic light green color.

We recommend adding Green Sesame Paste directly to salads, sandwiches or any other dish to fully enjoy the great flavor as well as its many health benefits. Green Sesame Paste can also be used to prepare traditional Tahini with a green twist: just add cold water, lemon, your favorite spices, and mix. Green Sesame Paste is a great addition to any well-balanced diet (paleo, vegetarian, and vegan diets) Free of added salts, preservatives, food coloring, cholesterol & trans fats. It is the perfect addition to meals prepared by both health-conscious individuals and foodies alike.

Peanut Butter Paste

with Spirulina

The perfect natural spread to apply on your choice of bread, cracker, or bread alternative, with a hot drink, or with any meal. The great taste makes the spread a favorite in sandwiches prepared for kids. The spread contains 98.8% natural peanut butter, rich in a variety of nutritional values: proteins, essential fats, potassium, and nutritional fibers.

100% Natural ingredients | Tasty and fitting for a balanced diet | no added sugar | no added fat | no added salts | no preservatives | no cholesterol | no trans-fat | no food colorants | low sodium content | It is recommended to add the Peanut Butter spread with Spirulina to sandwiches, rice cakes, or any other dish, and enjoy its wonderful taste.

Organic Buckwheat Crackers

with Spirulina

A wonderful way to consume the Spirulina algae: now we can simply bite into a tasty and nutritious Buckwheat Cracker, with any spread or with a salad on the side, and get the Spirulina embedded within. Add 4 Buckwheat crackers with Spirulina to any meal, to boost your body with 600 mg of the green superfood, Spirulina. An added benefit of the crackers is a long-lasting feeling of fullness. Buckwheat is rich with nutritional and healthy ingredients. Buckwheat crackers may be integrated into any meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition, Spirulina Buckwheat crackers are a great and healthy alternative to snacking between meals.

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